• step 1


    We connect your PPC data with your specific business success metrics such leads, quotes, transactions, sales, revenue, or profit.

  • step 2


    We will create multiple ad copy variations for each theme before pitting them against each other like gladiators in an arena.

  • step 3


    Each ad copy test is scrutinized for statistical significance eliminating any guess work to uncover which ad copy drives the highest ROI.

  • step 4


    We improve your PPC account by eliminating under-performing ad copy until only the very best champions are left.

Ad Copy Advantage Typical Results:

  • 33

    33 Ad Copy Tested

  • 4

    4 Statistically Significant Ad Copy Winners

  • +7%

    7% increase in click through rate

  • +15%

    15% increase in conversion volume

  • -19%

    19% decrease in cost per conversion

  • "Zenith Interactive’s Ad Copy Advantage has helped us streamline our ad copy process and accurately identify ad copy that generated significantly higher ROI for our business"

    Elan Mosbacher, SpotHero
  • "Zenith Interacitve’s Ad Copy Advantage plays a pivotal role in our user acquisition strategy. Thanks to Ad Copy Advantage , we no longer wonder about which ad copy drives the most leads – instead, we can focus on which ad copy drives the most clients"

    Steve Haar, iPromo
  • "We use very sophisticated pay per click marketing on a massive scale and Zenith Interactive’s Ad Copy Advantage is the only solution that systematically improved our account. Ad Copy Advantage helps us analyze over 35,000 ad copies across content and search compaigns and provide recommendations to the profit per impression level"

    Tribe9 Interactive
  • "We have been using Zenith Interactive's Ad Copy Advantage for four months, and after testing over 25+ copy variations, we have seen a 196% increase in orders and a 29% reduction in our cost per order. I love the cause-and-effect confidence that Ad Copy Advantage's data driven approach brings."

    Yan Bashkin - CEO, iCanvasArt